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February 07, 2013
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 Broken little finger in splint

So yesterday I happened to be away on business all day, far from home and of all days Maddie happens to pick this day to trip over and break her little finger. Luckily Mette was able to pick her up from school and take her to A&E where by all accounts they were brilliant. She was so brave, several x-rays, even having gas and air to numb the pain whilst it was clicked back into place before being splinted and buddy bound to her other finger. The sling didn’t last long but thats 6 weeks off swimming, gymnastics, tennis and PE. At least it was her left hand so today she has written all about her hospital trip.

I know it could have been something far worse than a minor broken bone, thankfully it wasn’t and Maddie has taken it in her stride (probably better than us to be fair!). For us she is so precious we never want her to come to any harm and I guess this is a useful way for Maddie to learn she isn’t indestructible especially given her tendency to take after me!