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March 01, 2007
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It’s official Maddie is now teething, above is one of the few pictures I’ve managed to get where you can see any of them. We were playing peek a boo which makes her giggle no end and you can see her single top tooth.

So far it doesn’t seem to be causing her too much discomfort apart from the odd red cheek but she does seem to have taken a liking to denture gel which she really likes sucking off my little finger.

The teeth are not great from a breast feeding point of view either (apparently) but that’s becoming less of an issue these days as Mette is only feeding at night.

I must add a quote from Mette at this point and I must also point out for the record that readers may note a hint of bias here but…

“she’s really cute at the moment”

…and I have to agree.