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February 17, 2013
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maddies xrays

Hopefully we won’t be seeing too many more of these X-rays but thought as an update to the last entry it was worth adding them. The funniest thing was that I asked the consultant to email them to me and he said that whilst he could, he wasn’t allowed to, which seems odd – then he said “Have you got a camera on your phone?” I nodded. “Ok well I’ll just turn around and while I’m not looking take a picture of the screen!” So I did which is why they are a little fuzzy.

On the left you can see the break. It’s actually where the growing part of the bone that hasn’t sealed, as it does in an grown adult finger, has become disjointed. The picture on the right was taken with the splint in place to check that the bone had been realigned correctly. Should only be about 3 weeks strapped but it’s enough to cancel gymnastics, tennis, swimming etc and for Maddie to realise that she might need to be more careful in the future.